Recent Network Upgrades and Fixes
January 16, 2019 Comments Off on Recent Network Upgrades and Fixes Gary Anderson

Recent Network Upgrades and Fixes:

1. You will be able to send larger transaction amounts (Fixed.)
2. We are now on 1MB block size that can scale as the network needs it.
3. We should be able to handle 1.5 million transactions a day.
4. Some extra features in the daemon include,
4.1 Rollback to height function (Handy if you need to revert to previous block no need to re-sync network to fix issues.
4.2 You can add your contact info to your daemon (can be viewed via rpc.)
5. We enabled the dust functions in the GUI wallet (sad to say its still a issue but we are looking at it again as we speak.)
6. Total revamp of the GUI wallet (hope you all like it.)
7. Fixed for MacOS (New wallets was compiled by Maxwell and Alex.Mateescu (Thanks.)
8. Support was added for FREEBSD.
9. Checkpoints was added to network .
10. A few other minor fixes we piled in.